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Supplemental insurance is meant to be in addition to current policies. It is there to help pay expenses that are not covered by your primary insurance and help you deal with unexpected costs.

Aflac, Humana and Unum Supplemental Insurance products are available to both individuals and groups to cover:

  • Accidents

  • Cancer

  • Hospitalization

  • Critical Illness

Long Term Care Insurance

This is typically called "nursing home insurance." We have several Long Term Care Insurance providers to chose from including: MetLife, Gerber, Foresters, United Health Care and others.

Disability Insurance

Typically called "paycheck protection", Disability Insurance is usually deducted via your payroll at work. I also have a few carriers that will help the self employed and 1099 workers.

Medicare Supplements 

Xander Insurance Services also offers Medicare Supplemental Insurance from a variety of carriers including Gerber, United Health Care and more.

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