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Whole/Universal Life

This is designed to be there for you as more of a final expense fund than anything else. Unlike Term Life policies. This doesn't have a defined "end"; it has a guaranteed death benefit, as well as a cumulative cash value.

Term Life

This is the least expensive way to have a large death benefit. Its rates are fixed for the length of the term. It is generally used to fill a gap for a need.

Both types of policies are necessary in one form or another. I won't over insure you with unnecessary amounts of Universal Life or Whole Life just to get a bigger sale. It's important for you and I to understand your needs as we work toward meeting them together.

I represent several life insurance companies including MetLife, Mutual of Omaha, Genworth Life, American General, American Family, Aflac, Assurity Life, American National, Banner Life, ING, Lincoln Life, Prudential, Trans America and countless more. We'll find the best life insurance for you and your individual situation.

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