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I'm an avid motorcycle enthusiast. There's nothing better than feeling the wind around me as I ride. It's what drove me to be a different kind of insurance agent. As a biker, I respect the lifestyle and the inherent risks that come along with it. That's why I always recommend inexpensive accident policies that help pay for your needs should something go wrong on the road. I've seen too many people who buy the bike but choose not to have accident insurance or life insurance. Ride responsibly. Insure yourself.

Pop over to Biker's for Ta-Tas is an incredible group of bikers that supports a great cause. Founded in 2008, Bikers for Ta-Tas is a committee steered not-for-profit organization highlighted by a fund raising motorcycle run for Breast Cancer. Join us this year on July 19th

My wife and I are both small business owners. We work to make an impact on our communities every day and we're always encouraging our clients to shop local. What's the benefit of using a local insurance agency? I live where you live, I respond to your needs, and I'll never treat you like a policy number. I'm your friend in the insurance business.

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